SMS PASSCODE® named a Gazelle 2010 fast growth company

Posted by: Jakob Normann  /  30 September 2010 15:11:41 BST

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This week, SMS PASSCODE was named to the very select list of very fast growing companies as the company for the first time entered the Gazelle List of fast growth firms. The growth can to a large extend be attributed to the technologically leading product combined with very strong market execution.

Just to name a few of these, during the year of 2009, SMS PASSCODE made significant progress in making SMS PASSCODE the de facto standard in a new generation of real-time two-factor authentication: The latest SMS PASSCODE version 4 is the industry leading solution for two-factor authentication to virtual desktop infrastructures from the three major leaders Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. The SMS PASSCODE solution experienced strong demand in major markets across the globe. The solution achieved a total of 8 awards and nominations for its new generation two-factor authentication solution. The product received Citrix Ready and Microsoft lab validation and the company nearly doubled its distribution network.

These accomplishments lead to the strong growth and the recognition of that through the Gazelle Award.