SMS PASSCODE and VMware to collaborate on RADIUS implementation for VMware View 5.1

Posted by: Jakob Normann  /  16 May 2012 10:36:55 BST

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SMS PASSCODE® - The recognized technology leader in multi-factor authentication for identity protection - has announced that SMS PASSCODE has been a collaboration partner in the implementation and test of RADIUS support in the latest VMware View 5.1 release.

RADIUS is an industry standard method for empowering two-factor and multi-factor authentication of generic third party manufacturers. As a result of this collaboration, SMS PASSCODE customers are now able to embrace VMware VDI technologies as part of their infrastructure and reversely, VMware View clients can now increase security via the award-winning SMS PASSCODE multi-factor authentication solution.

To learn more about the actual configuration of the integration, please click here. VMWare View 5 1 configuration for SMS PASSCODE To see a video demonstration of VMware View 5.1 login with SMS PASSCODE multi-factor authentication protection, visist this page. We also issued a news release on the joint collaboration here. You can learn more froVMWare here.