Computer Scientists Break Security hardware Token Key in Record Time

Posted by: Jakob Normann  /  26 June 2012 16:26:36 BST

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According to below news story, computer experts claims to have found an easy way to hack into a certain RSA token that has a USB port and compromise the seed-file. Essentially, tokens physical or software based, all hold a seed file that tells what code to show in which token at what time. These are all commonly known as pre-issued token systems. Without arguing or validating the news, the latest story posted in the New York times blog, illustrates the challenges this widely used apporach has when it comes to the modern threats of today. The best solution is to focus on real-time session specific solutions that do not contain seed files or pre-issed codes. Be it delivered via SMS or software or hardware tokens. The SMS PASSCODE solution is one such solution where the user ID and password is validated before a code is generated in real-time and delivered via SMS, voice or secure email to the users mobile device. No seed-file, no pre-issued code or the likes. The solution is highly awarded due to this simple, yet profound difference. To learn more about the New York Times post, click here. To learn more about SMS PASSCODE, visit our homepage.