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CensorNet named a Niche Player in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  06 December 2017 13:10:28 GMT

There’s no doubt about it, the global cloud market is increasing exponentially… and, as it does, so too do the cyber threats within the cloud landscape. Today, cloud security is more important than ever before.

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Topics: Cloud Application Security

Sharing Our GDPR Journey

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  17 July 2017 09:51:57 BST

The 25th of May 2018. For many, that date will have registered little interest when the first official draft of the EU General Data Protection Regulation was published back in 2012. 

The date, and what it would bring, was something to be aware of but too far away to interfere with other, more pressing concerns. Fast-forward to 2016, when the final draft was approved by the EU Parliament, and the speck on the horizon had grown to a more sizeable blob. There was a sudden shift in attitude and the date became a concern for all businesses in all sectors and of all sizes.

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Topics: Compliance, GDPR

Infosec Report Card: Must concentrate better, but don't stop talking

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  09 June 2017 10:00:00 BST


Infosec Europe is undoubtedly one of the biggest trade shows in the calendar, and again it demonstrated its gravitational force this week with what I’m told are record numbers getting sucked into its orbit to discover how to better protect organisations from tougher and more complex cyber threats.

This morning, beyond the crusty walls of Olympia - back in the real world - a new UK government prepares to assemble, and the importance of cyber-related security to its policy program has never been so crucial. Spare a thought for the challenges they face.

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Cyclonic information overload... Or clarity at last?

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  07 June 2017 09:58:00 BST

After my rant about the general lack of coherence in the info security industry, I thought I’d accept my own challenge and see what I could make of the first day’s action here at Infosec 2017.

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Topics: Multi-factor Authentication, CASB, Email security, web filtering

Coherence is the order of the day...

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  06 June 2017 09:58:00 BST

I’ve got a challenge for anyone visiting this week’s Infosec Show: Spend two hours here, and then try and sum it up in 20 seconds. I’m offering a prize for anyone that does a good job - just drop by our stand, give me your thoughts in 20 seconds and I’ll see what we’ve got in the goody bag. At the very least, I’ll buy you a coffee - I’d be interested to hear what you’re thinking.

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Topics: Multi-factor Authentication

Cloud Security - how is 2017 shaping up?

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  07 February 2017 09:42:36 GMT

With January rapidly becoming a distant memory, and as all those New Year good intentions get left by the wayside, I am pleased to report the race to the cloud continues apace.

But as enterprises embrace the cloud to help their businesses become more agile and responsive, they invariably encounter more security threats and become more susceptible to breaches from multiple channels. Legacy security technologies simply lag behind, as they just weren’t designed to deal with these threats.

So in this complex world, what do we think are the big up and coming cloud security trends? Here we take a look at our top five…

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Topics: Cloud, Security, CensorNet, Cloud Application Control, CASB, Apps, cac

Cloud Security issues aren’t unknown

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  19 December 2016 11:43:51 GMT

When Cloud was the new kid on the block, the risk of adoption was simply too variable and therefore untenable but that didn’t really matter. It was gathering such momentum the security market simply couldn’t keep up. So in line with tradition, the easiest option was to get the big red stamp out and mark it ‘unsafe’ and hope it would go away.

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Topics: Cloud, Security, Web Security, Cloud Application Control, Email security

CensorNet and the statutory duty on radicalisation

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  19 December 2016 11:05:11 GMT

The Department for Education’s statutory guidelines (“Keeping Children Safe in Education”) are now in force. For the first time the guidelines include the subject of the legal obligations on the school arising under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015. On this subject the statutory guidelines are explicit:

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Topics: Security, Compliance, Public Sector

Behaving Badly

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  19 December 2016 11:01:57 GMT

As any law-enforcement advisor will tell you, criminals succeed mainly because they understand the human psyche. Knowing how to manipulate somebody into leaving a backdoor open is still the ultimate weapon in any criminal’s arsenal.

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Here phishy, phishy

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  19 December 2016 10:58:04 GMT

The thing about well known phishing scams is they’ve essentially become industry-comedy punch lines which also puts them in danger of being diluted as a meaningful and growing threat.

If you even so much as mention to a colleague the Nigerian Prince offering you many many monies to leave the country, you will instantly engage in a series of one-upmanship debates on who’s received the most spurious spam.

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Topics: Security, Phishing