Achtung! Schatten-IT - so bringen Sie Licht ins Dunkel

Posted by: Alex Kurz  /  02 June 2017 09:30:00 BST

Das Vertrauen der deutschen Wirtschaft in digitale Infrastrukturen ist Fluch und Segen zugleich. Auch wenn dieser Ansatz uns an die Spitze des technischen Fortschritts bringt und die Art und Weise, wie wir unsere Arbeit tun, in positiver Weise beeinflusst, ergibt sich daraus auch zwangsläufig eine größere Angriffsfläche für Cyberattacken. Für IT-Abteilungen wird es dadurch immer schwieriger den Überblick zu behalten. Im „digitalen Dschungel“ tummeln sich jede Menge Computer, Laptops und auch private Mobilgeräte, die Mitarbeiter am Arbeitsplatz nutzen (BYOD, Bring Your Own Device), um sowohl auf interne Daten als auch auf externe Cloud-Anwendungen zuzugreifen. Speziell die Zugriffe auf externe Dienste sind für den IT-Verantwortlichen aber nicht immer bekannt.

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The Heads Up: Shadow IT - Light Up The Dark Side

Posted by: Alex Kurz  /  02 June 2017 09:00:00 BST


Digital infrastructures can be both a curse and a blessing. They allow us to progress technically and positively influence the way in which we work, but can inevitably make organizations more vulnerable to cyber attacks and also make it increasingly difficult for IT teams to control. In the ‘digital jungle’, computers, laptops and private mobile devices (BYOD – bring your own device) are used to access both internal data and external cloud applications. However, which external services are being accessed? This is not always obvious to the IT team.

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Antiviren-Software zum Schutz vor Ransomware … die Definition von Wahnsinn?

Posted by: Alex Kurz  /  16 May 2017 13:54:44 BST

In Bezug auf den kürzlich erfolgten globalen Ransomware-Angriff hielten wir es für eine gute Idee, diesen Blog vom 18. April aus dem Englischen zu übersetzen und auch hier zu posten.

Die Geschwindigkeit, mit der sich Ransomware verbreitet, ist überwältigend. Das SonicWall Global Response Intelligence Defense (GRID) Network hat 2015 etwa 3,8 Millionen Angriffe verzeichnet. Im vergangenen Jahr stieg diese Zahl auf 638 Millionen Attacken an. Sie haben richtig gelesen – 638 Millionen! Das sind gut 167 Mal so viele Angriffe wie 2015. Wow! Dabei liegen die Gründe für diese Entwicklung auf der Hand. Es ist ein sehr profitables Geschäft! Ransomware ist eine Klasse von Schadprogrammen, die Ihre Daten verschlüsseln und „Lösegeld“ für die Entschlüsselung verlangen. Die moderne Version von „Geld oder Leben!“ sozusagen.

Was ist also die Antwort? Antiviren-Software, Antiviren-Software und noch mehr Antiviren-Software?

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The Heads Up: Solving Ransomware with AV...the definition of insanity?

Posted by: Alex Kurz  /  18 April 2017 10:00:00 BST


In the light of the recent global ransomware cyber attack, we felt it appropriate to repost this blog for your information. The original post was dated 18 April, 2017.

The speed at which ransomware is proliferating is mind blowing. In 2015, SonicWall’s Global Response Intelligence Grid recorded around 3.8 million attacks. By last year, that had grown to 638 million. Yes, you read it right – 638 million! That’s a staggering 167 times the number of attacks in 2015. Wow! And it’s easy to see why. Ransomware is particularly profitable for hackers. It’s a nasty type of malware that holds your data hostage by encrypting it and then asking you to pay for a decryption key. Stand and deliver on steroids.

So, what’s the answer? AV, AV and more AV?

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Cloud Security - how is 2017 shaping up?

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  07 February 2017 09:42:36 GMT

With January rapidly becoming a distant memory, and as all those New Year good intentions get left by the wayside, I am pleased to report the race to the cloud continues apace.

But as enterprises embrace the cloud to help their businesses become more agile and responsive, they invariably encounter more security threats and become more susceptible to breaches from multiple channels. Legacy security technologies simply lag behind, as they just weren’t designed to deal with these threats.

So in this complex world, what do we think are the big up and coming cloud security trends? Here we take a look at our top five…

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Cloud Security issues aren’t unknown

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  19 December 2016 11:43:51 GMT

When Cloud was the new kid on the block, the risk of adoption was simply too variable and therefore untenable but that didn’t really matter. It was gathering such momentum the security market simply couldn’t keep up. So in line with tradition, the easiest option was to get the big red stamp out and mark it ‘unsafe’ and hope it would go away.

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Five ways your apps are putting you at risk – and what to do about it…

Posted by: Steph Locke  /  19 December 2016 11:14:11 GMT

Businesses are lapping up mobile and cloud applications faster than iPads get snapped up at an Apple flash sale. Buoyed by seeing the impact applications have had on the lives of consumers, businesses are keen to benefit from the collaboration, flexibility and productivity boost applications bring. But they come with a serious risk warning.

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A CIO and an Entrepreneur walk into a bar…

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  19 December 2016 08:37:22 GMT

One arbitrary Google search of ‘Shadow IT’ will instantly present a buffet of opinion; not to mention some of the most spurious marketing images in the history of the internet.

That’s the trouble with the tech sector, a genuine issue arises and before you can say the words ‘Please. Just. Stop’; everyone (and I mean everyone) has a ‘solution’ and a ‘marketing strapline’ for it. You only have to look at how many times BYOD was rinsed and repeated over the last decade to know where I’m coming from.

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