3 Signs That Hackers Could Be Reading Your Email

Posted by: David Hald  /  26 May 2015 11:14:10 BST

Email usually contains the most confidential information that an organization has – board minutes, customer information, and so on. Once a hacker is able to access someone’s email, he or she can access all types of sensitive information.

In a world where 76 percent of all network breaches involve weak or stolen passwords, it’s clear that passwords are not strong enough to secure anything. Email in particular has become both a prize in itself and a means of entrée into a target organization’s network.

The widespread use of remote access to conduct business has increased the number of entry points for cyber criminals by an order of magnitude. Most people don’t realize, for instance, that ActiveSync-enabled mobile devices create a security vulnerability that can grant easy access to your email. All a hacker needs is an email address and a password.

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Topics: Multi-factor Authentication, Security, Secure Device Provisioning, Outlook Web Access (OWA)

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