CensorNet and the statutory duty on radicalisation

Posted by: Ed Macnair  /  19 December 2016 11:05:11 GMT

The Department for Education’s statutory guidelines (“Keeping Children Safe in Education”) are now in force. For the first time the guidelines include the subject of the legal obligations on the school arising under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015. On this subject the statutory guidelines are explicit:

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Topics: Security, Compliance, Public Sector

Targeting hospitals? The lows that hackers stoop to…

Posted by: David Hald  /  16 November 2016 22:56:00 GMT

The morals of hackers sank to new lows last week, when three hospitals across the UK were targeted with ransomware in malicious cyber attacks. The upshot was that all operations, procedures and appointments were cancelled, affecting over 1000 patients.

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Topics: Public Sector, User Authentication, Ransomware

Regulation, remote working and the public sector – the ultimate balancing act?

Posted by: David Hald  /  14 June 2016 13:48:54 BST

Remote working in the public sector has never been a comfortable fit. The potential network vulnerabilities send shivers down the spines of even the most hardened public sector IT managers. Think of the data sensitivity for a hospital or a police force - you can imagine the fall out if a breach were to happen. So it’s little wonder the public sector is late to the remote working party.

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Topics: Authentication in the Cloud, Cloud, Multi-factor Authentication, Security, Public Sector, Remote Access

Protecting Public Sector Data – Where Do You Start?

Posted by: David Hald  /  11 May 2016 13:56:40 BST

If you’re a public sector organization, there can’t be many more incidents worse for your reputation than a breach of data security. For hospitals, educational establishments, councils and central government departments collect very sensitive – and in hackers’ terms, very valuable – citizen data.  

And hacking attacks against the public sector are on the rise. Recent research showed that 40% of public sector IT departments have publically admitted a data breach.

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Topics: Multi-factor Authentication, Security, Public Sector

Productivity vs Cyber Security? The big dilemma for Public Sector IT Chiefs.

Posted by: David Hald  /  29 April 2016 10:00:00 BST

If you’re a public sector IT professional, the chances are you’re more than a little worried about being hacked… if you haven’t been hacked already. Some recent research conducted by PWC showed that over 40% of public sector IT departments had admitted to a data breach, largely blamed on them being unable to keep pace with security trends, while at the same time coping with the digitization of government services. So why are public sector organizations such a hot target?

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Topics: Security, Compliance, Productivity, Public Sector, Remote Access

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